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4 Things You Must Know About Mount Batur in Rainy Season

Trekking Mount Batur is one of popular outdoor activities to do in Bali Island particularly for the tourists who want to have memorable experiences in stunning sunrise view.

However, sometimes rain is a worry that frightens most of peoples before hiking the mount. If you also do, let’s figure out about “Mount Batur Rainy Season” in the following.

  1. Rainy Season in Bali Island

    Trekking Activity on Batur Mount
    Trekking Activity on Batur Mount

As known, there are 2 seasons in the island namely: wet season (rainy) and dry season. The wet season goes on November to March while the dry season on April to October.

The above is only estimation because you can probably see rain falls on dry season or shine on wet season sometimes. It is not really right.

But, you can see the days while in Bali Island, whether this day is rainy or not.

For an example: if it’s sunny day then you can make decision to hike tomorrow. Otherwise, go hiking tomorrow if it’s cloudy or rainy day.

  1. Bring These Items to Anticipate Rain

    Mount Batur in Early Morning
    Mount Batur in Early Morning

Perhaps you persevere to hike in rainy season. Make you bring helpful items as anticipate when the rain falls.

The items are a rain coat, a set of clothes for changing, and waterproof backpack. For footwear, we more recommend you to wear sandals or shoes are specifically designed for hiking.

In addition, you can bring a tent if want to camp on the peak overnight for more comfortable and safer experiences.

  1. Sunrise View Doesn’t Appear

    Sunrise View on Batur Mount Early Morning
    Sunrise View on Batur Mount Early Morning

When rainy season, you probably will not see a stunning sunrise view on sunny day because it is covered by clouds.

That is surely disappointing when remembering the Mount Batur is popular sunrise viewing in the island. So, don’t hope a sunrise if you hike on rainy day.

  1. Take a Guide to Trek

    Mount Batur Landscape
    Mount Batur Landscape

Whenever you plan to hike the mount, make sure you always take a guide to accompany a guide along route.

The guide is helpful to prevent you get a trouble such as seeing naughty monkey or getting lost in the hiking route.

After reading all information above, will you decide to hike Batur Mount on Rainy Season?

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