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  • Mount Batur Entrance Fee and Trekking Guide Price

Mount Batur Entrance Fee and Trekking Guide Price

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For you who plan to trek on Mount Batur, maybe need to know about Mount Batur entrance fee and how much to hire guide as the following.

Mount Batur Entrance Fee

Mount Batur
Mount Batur

Although Mount Batur is popular trekking spot in Bali but the visitors will not be charged an entrance fee (free).

You just need to prepare a cost for transport service from own place where stay. Whether hiring guide if you want to have a safe trekking experience.

How much to hire Guide?

Trekking on Mount Batur Bali
Trekking on Mount Batur Bali

Hiring guide is really advised to beginner who has no experience or no partner to trek.

The price to hire guide of Batur Trekking varies start from $30 - $80 but it more depends on the kind of facilities include therein such as a transport transfer, breakfast, and so on.

You may get a guide through social media or website who provide a Bali trekking tour service.

Why Should Hire a Guide?

Mount Batur Sunrise Tour
Mount Batur Sunrise Tour

Maybe you ever hear that trekking track at Mount Batur is easy and suitable for beginner, then why should we hire a guide?

In first experience of trekking there, you surely haven’t known the route to peak and the kind of track who will pass.

The existence of guide will ease your trekking without getting lost, help to conquer all tracks, and avoid accident risks along the trekking route.

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