Mount Batur Bali


Mount Batur is one of active volcano that has a height of 1,717 m (5,633 feet) above sea levels and located in Bali Island.

The volcano is popular trekking spot for the hikers because offering a beautiful sunrise and caldera lake view.

Its caldera is the biggest in the island that has a measuring of 13.8 x 10 km

Perhaps you are interested to find out about that further, let’s scroll down for more detail!

Location of Mount Batur Volcano

Location of Mount Batur Volcano

Mount Batur Volcano is located in the Southern of Batur Village, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency, Bali. It is exactly next to Batur Lake (the widest in Bali).

For getting its location, may need time as:

  • About 1 hour 59 minutes (67.4 km) from Denpasar City
  • About 1 hour 13 minutes (40.1 km) from Ubud
  • About 2 hours 12 minutes (79.9 km) from Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport (Kuta)
  • About 2 hours 21 minutes (86.0 km) from Nusa Dua

It can be reached by using a car or motorcycle that may rent near popular tourist area namely Ubud, Kuta, Seminyak, or others.

Mount Batur Map

If you want to get there, the following is an effective map to Batur.

History of Mount Batur

History of Mount Batur

According to Lontar Usana Bali (ancient book) about History of Mount Batur, it was narrated mythologically that Mount Mahameru in India was truly high, almost reaching the sky.

Supposedly, if it happened, then the universe would be destroyed.

Hence, Sang Hyang Pasupati took the peak of Mahameru Mount and made it in two part of chunks.

Then, the chunks were brought flying on his both hands to Bali Island.

The chunk in his right hand became Mount Agung (the highest in the island) and was dedicated to Sang Hyang Putra Jaya (Sang Hyang Maha Dewa).

While in left hand became Mount Batur and was dedicated to Dewi Danu (Goddess).

Meanwhile, Mount Batur had erupted 26 times and been recorded from 1084 to 2015. The last eruption was in 2000 and the biggest between August – September 1926.

Things to Do in Mount Batur

Things to Do in Mount Batur

For you who are planning to visit Mount Batur but still wonder about what things to do there. Actually, there are 3 amazing activities that you do during holiday as below it.

Best Things to do in Mount Batur

  1. Trekking On The Peak of Mount
Trekking on the Peak of Batur Mount
Trekking on the Peak of Batur Mount

Trekking is most favorite activity that you may do in Batur. As you maybe have known, it has a height of 1.717 meters and suitable for novice hikers because offering easier track levels.

The activity probably needs 3 hours or more, it depends on your speed and energy.

Best time to start trekking is at 02.00 o’clock because you may arrive at the peak on time as a sunrise view comes up.

The sunrise is a beautiful as a magical yellowish glow that appears in clear blue sky. The panorama of sea clouds also appears and adds into landscapes around area.

In addition, the view of Batur Lake is seen clearly in the southeast. All those may really impress eyesight.

  1. Exploring Around Slopes of Batur Mount

Exploring the Slopes of Batur Mount
Exploring the Slopes of Batur Mount

If you don’t like a trekking activity, you can explore the beauty of mountain by going down from Penelokan Village to the slopes in the car.

The exploration will get through winding and calm ways where you may see green nature and fresh atmosphere.

During it, you can see others attractions namely:

  • Batur Lake.
  • Ulun Danu Batur
  • Hot Springs of Toya Bungkah and Toya Devasya
  1. Enjoying the Lunch While Seeing Wonderful View

Having Lunch at Restaurant near Penelokan
Having Lunch at Restaurant near Penelokan

Perhaps you just have a short time but still want to witness the beauty of Mount Batur.

You can come to a restaurant in Penelokan Village, Kintamani to have a lunch while witnessing the volcano view.

Its beauty looks clearly from afar as your eyesight will be impressed by a mountain landscape with green tropical forest and lake scenery.

Best time to visit is at 09.00 - 12.00 because you can see its view more clearly.

After stretch of the time, the fog maybe start coming down and the landscape will be covered slowly.

Well, above is all amazing activities you can get there to fill your holiday. So, which one you want to do?

Sunrise Trek on Batur Mount

Sunrise Trek on Batur Mount

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek is one of recommended activity in Bali which will involve you to have a fun trekking while witnessing a beautiful sunrise on peak of mount.

Before having the trekking activity, there are surely some important things you should know for safe and fun experience of trekking as below.

1. Preparations before Trekking

Two Hiker on the Peak of Mount Batur
Two Hiker on the Peak of Mount Batur


Before trekking on Mount Batur, you are required to have complete preparations such as: supporting items and physical conditions.

Supporting Items

  • Jacket

Situation on the mountain is quite cold and maybe will make your skin shiver. Wear a thick jacket to warm your body during trekking.

  • Hiking Special Shoes

The track on Batur Mount is rocky and sandy with sharp rocks from the former of lava eruption in first post.

Wear special hiking shoes to make footsteps easier.

  • Hand Gloves

Besides shoes, you also wear hand glove to keep your hands in hot temperatures.

  • Torch Light

Item for lightning as a torch light is really useful particularly for you want to have a sunset trekking at midnight.

Make sure the battery is in full mode so that may light up along the trek.

  • Medicine Box

Medicine Box is a supporting item in case you have unexpected accidents. There are some kind of medicines that should bring such as ointments for muscle cramps, wound medicine, and bandages.

  • Camera

Camera is also required during the trekking because it will help to capture much worth moments and great images at sunset scenery.

Physical Conditions

Moreover, you should maintain health as physical condition before trekking so that may get a fun trekking.

Prepare it by exercising about 2 times a week before hiking time in order to make your physical better prepared to conquer the unexpected routes.

2. Best Time to Trek

Trekking on Mount Batur
Trekking on Mount Batur

For getting a beautiful sunrise moment, you have to arrive on the peak at 05.00 O’clock. Best time to start trekking is in the midnight exactly 01.00 - 02.00.

The trekking maybe takes 2 hours from start point. The time more depends on how speed your step and also energy for conquering it.

If you want to have a slow trekking as taking a few breaks along the route, then start it earlier in order not to lose sunset moment.

3. Trekking Route

Batur Mount Tour
Batur Mount Tour

You may start trekking from Toya Bungkah Village, a start point that located in the slope of Batur Mount.

The hiking route is generally still sloping up to the first 40 minutes from the starting point. Then, You will find rocky, sandy and slippery roads to the top.

It will be full of sandy rocks around the first hour and 40 minutes and start slippery and narrow in the last 50 minutes to the top of Mount Batur.

4. Hire a Private Guide

Trekking with Guide
Trekking with Guide

For the beginner, you can hire a private guide service for trekking procession. The guide will minimize the unexpected risks or get lost along the trek.

Whether you can also take an experienced partner to join and accompany the trekking. A experience partner is required to have a fun and safe trekking.

5. Food Supplies to Trek

Sunrise at Mount Batur
Sunrise at Mount Batur

Food supplies are required because you probably will feel hungry, thirsty, and also tired long the trip. Take a break for while in the route point while enjoy the foods.

Hence, you may make a food supply list such as bread, oatmeal, fruit, boiled potato, and so on.

Meanwhile, avoid littering after you enjoy the foods and keep it in plastic bag until find trash can. So that, natural environment can be always beautiful.

Mount Batur Entrance Fee and Trekking Guide Price

Mount Batur Entrance Fee and Trekking Guide Price

For you who plan to trek on Mount Batur, maybe need to know about Mount Batur entrance fee and how much to hire guide as the following.

Mount Batur Entrance Fee

Mount Batur
Mount Batur

Although Mount Batur is popular trekking spot in Bali but the visitors will not be charged an entrance fee (free).

You just need to prepare a cost for transport service from own place where stay. Whether hiring guide if you want to have a safe trekking experience.

How much to hire Guide?

Trekking on Mount Batur Bali
Trekking on Mount Batur Bali

Hiring guide is really advised to beginner who has no experience or no partner to trek.

The price to hire guide of Batur Trekking varies start from $30 - $80 but it more depends on the kind of facilities include therein such as a transport transfer, breakfast, and so on.

You may get a guide through social media or website who provide a Bali trekking tour service.

Why Should Hire a Guide?

Mount Batur Sunrise Tour
Mount Batur Sunrise Tour

Maybe you ever hear that trekking track at Mount Batur is easy and suitable for beginner, then why should we hire a guide?

In first experience of trekking there, you surely haven’t known the route to peak and the kind of track who will pass.

The existence of guide will ease your trekking without getting lost, help to conquer all tracks, and avoid accident risks along the trekking route.


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