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Things to Do in Mount Batur

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For you who are planning to visit Mount Batur but still wonder about what things to do there. Actually, there are 3 amazing activities that you do during holiday as below it.

Best Things to do in Mount Batur

  1. Trekking On The Peak of Mount
Trekking on the Peak of Batur Mount
Trekking on the Peak of Batur Mount

Trekking is most favorite activity that you may do in Batur. As you maybe have known, it has a height of 1.717 meters and suitable for novice hikers because offering easier track levels.

The activity probably needs 3 hours or more, it depends on your speed and energy.

Best time to start trekking is at 02.00 o’clock because you may arrive at the peak on time as a sunrise view comes up.

The sunrise is a beautiful as a magical yellowish glow that appears in clear blue sky. The panorama of sea clouds also appears and adds into landscapes around area.

In addition, the view of Batur Lake is seen clearly in the southeast. All those may really impress eyesight.

  1. Exploring Around Slopes of Batur Mount

Exploring the Slopes of Batur Mount
Exploring the Slopes of Batur Mount

If you don’t like a trekking activity, you can explore the beauty of mountain by going down from Penelokan Village to the slopes in the car.

The exploration will get through winding and calm ways where you may see green nature and fresh atmosphere.

During it, you can see others attractions namely:

  • Batur Lake.
  • Ulun Danu Batur
  • Hot Springs of Toya Bungkah and Toya Devasya
  1. Enjoying the Lunch While Seeing Wonderful View

Having Lunch at Restaurant near Penelokan
Having Lunch at Restaurant near Penelokan

Perhaps you just have a short time but still want to witness the beauty of Mount Batur.

You can come to a restaurant in Penelokan Village, Kintamani to have a lunch while witnessing the volcano view.

Its beauty looks clearly from afar as your eyesight will be impressed by a mountain landscape with green tropical forest and lake scenery.

Best time to visit is at 09.00 - 12.00 because you can see its view more clearly.

After stretch of the time, the fog maybe start coming down and the landscape will be covered slowly.

Well, above is all amazing activities you can get there to fill your holiday. So, which one you want to do?

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