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History of Mount Batur

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According to Lontar Usana Bali (ancient book) about History of Mount Batur, it was narrated mythologically that Mount Mahameru in India was truly high, almost reaching the sky.

Supposedly, if it happened, then the universe would be destroyed.

Hence, Sang Hyang Pasupati took the peak of Mahameru Mount and made it in two part of chunks.

Then, the chunks were brought flying on his both hands to Bali Island.

The chunk in his right hand became Mount Agung (the highest in the island) and was dedicated to Sang Hyang Putra Jaya (Sang Hyang Maha Dewa).

While in left hand became Mount Batur and was dedicated to Dewi Danu (Goddess).

Meanwhile, Mount Batur had erupted 26 times and been recorded from 1084 to 2015. The last eruption was in 2000 and the biggest between August – September 1926.

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