Batur Sunrise Trekking

Hiking to Mount Batur for 2 hours is so tiring. But, your fatigue will disappear when you arrive on the peak and see amazing panorama of beautiful sunrise with sea of clouds. Trekking Route of Mount Batur Mount Batur in Early Morning It all will be more awesome to take a light breakfast while wi ..

Enjoy Breakfast While Witnessing Sunrise Panorama on Mount Batur

Hiking to Mount Batur for 2 hours is so tiring. But, your fatigue will disappear when you arrive on the peak and see amazing panorama of beautiful sun..

Preparation Before Hiking on Mount Batur

Before hiking Mount Batur, there is a preparation that you should have, namely: a harm jacket, hand gloves, special hiking shoes, and flashlight. Sun..

The Fun Trekking Experience on Mount Batur

Mount Batur Trekking Tour is fun and suitable for beginner because the mount has a height of 1.717 meters with rocky and sandy tracks which are consid..

Mount Batur – The Most Popular Hiking Spot in Bali

Mount Batur is the most popular hiking spot in Bali and has height of 1.717 meters above sea level. Hike to peak approximately takes 2 – 3 hours..

See Beautiful Sunrise with Sea of Clouds on Mount Batur

Bali has many spots to see a sunrise, as one of them is Mount Batur – an active volcano that is located in Kintamani Area, Bangli Regency. Seein..

Know These Before You Go Camping on Mount Batur Overnight

Mount Batur Overnight Camping is a recommended activity for you who want to have a longer and different experience on the mount. During the activity, ..

What You Should Know About Accident on Mount Batur

Hiking Mount Batur is one of exciting activity that can be done in Bali Island. The activity is popular because it offers easy track level and stunnin..

3 Important Things to Know about Mount Batur Trekking Attire

As known, Mount Batur has cold temperature on the peak which it is approximately 10 – 20 degrees centigrade. The temperature requires you to wea..

Know Temperature on Summit before Trekking Mount Batur

Temperature on summit of Mount Batur is approximately from 10 to 20 degree Celsius. It may become cooler or warmer temperature as depending on weather..

This is Best Time to Trek Mount Batur (Daily and Monthly)

For you who plan to trek Mount Batur probably get a question about “when is the best time to trek?”, remember the weather is uncertain in ..

8 Items to Bring for Trekking on Mount Batur

Do you plan to hike Mount Batur? Have you known what to bring? If not, you can find out about Mount Batur Trek What to Bring as follows. Preparation f..

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Private Tour for Beginner

Mount Batur sunrise trekking private tour is a good choice to you who are searching for a recommendation of fun things to do in Bali Island. The tour ..

Sunrise Trek on Batur Mount

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek is one of recommended activity in Bali which will involve you to have a fun trekking while witnessing a beautiful sunrise on ..

Things to Do in Mount Batur

For you who are planning to visit Mount Batur but still wonder about what things to do there. Actually, there are 3 amazing activities that you do dur..