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Is It Possible for Mount Batur Trekking without a Guide?

Mount Batur is a popular trekking spot in Bali Island, which is considered as “easy spot” by the hiker because it has a height of 1.717 meters above sea level (MASL).

That is why some people think and want to do activity Mount Batur trekking without a guide to accompany.

Is that recommended? Maybe, some of you also ask it.

Trekking without guide is actually possible to do if you have enough experience for trekking before. If not, you might get an unexpected trouble during the trekking.

Perhaps you already have experience and want to hike without a guide. Let’s find out some facts about Mount Batur for solo hiker.

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  1. Easy Route

    Trekking Route of Mount Batur

As above, height of Mount Batur is approximately 1.717 meters. It is categorized easy by many people. The trekking probably takes about 2 – 3 hours (depends on speed of footsteps) from starting point.

For more amazing experience, you can start to hike around 02.00 – 02.30 am for getting a beautiful sunrise view in the early morning.

The sunrise appears from 05.30 until 06.00 am. Hence, you need to manage the estimated time for trekking in order to may see the view.

  1. Crowded by Hikers

    Sunrise View on Mount Batur

Almost every day, Mount Batur is crowded by the hikers who turn on the light along the trekking route in the midnight.

 Some of them are the beginners and surely take guide to accompany along the route. That is one of reason why you shouldn’t be afraid if want to do a solo trekking on Mount Batur.  

  1. Food Vendors on the Peak

    Stunning Sunrise on the Peak of Batur Mount

In addition, you shouldn’t also worry if feel hungry and run out of food on the peak. Because, there are many food vendors which sell instant noodles, boiled corn, boiled sweet potato, hot tea and coffee.

However, all of them are offered at more expensive because effort of sellers to bring load on shoulder to the peak.

So, after finding out facts above, are you ready to be a solo hiker? Make sure you have experience before considering doing that.