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Know Temperature on Summit before Trekking Mount Batur

Temperature on summit of Mount Batur is approximately from 10 to 20 degree Celsius. It may become cooler or warmer temperature as depending on weather that day.

The temperature is felt quite cold for those who live in tropical area. Hence, it is important to know before trekking so that you can prepare the needed items to wear.

Mandarory Items When Trekking

The Hikers Enjoy the Sunset Wiew on the Peak of Batur Mount

Most of people prefer to do trekking Mount Batur overnight (01.00 – 02.00) so that they can get beautiful scenery of sunrise and sea of clouds on the peak in early morning (05.30 – 06.30 am).

Trekking overnight, it’s surely cold! There are items to prepare and wear for more comfortable and amazing experiences, as follows.

  1. Hat

The hat is useful to keep the head warm. We recommend you to choose a winter hat model, not a sun hat. Caused, the winter hat may cover the sides and back of the head while the sun hat only covers at the top.

  1. Jacket/Sweater

The jacket or sweater is mandatory to covers and warm your body during the hike. Choose it in fit size and not too heavy so that you get easy to move.

Trekking Route of Mount Batur
  1. Gloves

The gloves are also important to prevent your hands become cramps due to get cold along the route. It surely may make your trekking become more comfortable.

  1. Hiking Shoes with Socks

The last is shoes, it’s more recommend to you wear shoes in hiking type so that you get easy in getting through rocky terrain and prevent your feet slip along the route of the hike.

Mount Batur in Early Morning

Okay, those are all items that you must wear when trekking Mount Batur overnight. Make sure you remember to prepare them.