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Tipping Waiters in Bali: 5 Things You Need to Know

When visiting restaurants in Bali, you are probably ever confused about tipping waiters. Here, let’s find out a complete guide about tipping waiters in Bali.

Giving a tip occasionally sounds like a trivial thing. Some peoples even still consider it’s easy as like just handing over money. In fact, you should know about etiquette, precise amount, and others before giving a tip.

Tipping Waiters in Bali

The following are 5 things you need to know before tipping waiters in Bali.

  1. Check If Tip Included in Bill

    Tipping Bali Restaurant

Some restaurants will charge a service fee of 5 - 10% in the bill. You can check it after meals. If service fee includes in the bill, you don’t actually need to tip again.

However, if you still want to give a tip again because you feel getting a good service. It’s fine as long as there are no tipping rules at the restaurant.

  1. Precise Amount of Tip

    Ethic Tipping Waiter Bali

Normally, amount of tip for waiters range from 10 – 15% of total fee. It usually depends on rating and service quality of the restaurant.

For example, if you have a lunch at a luxurious restaurant with high rating. Amount of tip can probably be more than above.

  1. Tip to The Right Person

    Tipping Restaurant Bali

When visiting a restaurant, there are maybe more than one waiter or waitress who serve you. Sometimes, service of one waiter is different to others.

In this case, it’s important for you give a tip to the right person with good service. Because, tip to the wrong person with bad service like wasting your money.

  1. Avoid to Tip in Crowds

    How Much to Tip Waiter

Before giving a tip, you should pay attention to the situation around the waiter. Wait for quiet situation when giving a tip to the waiter, as not many peoples see.

Some waiters probably will refuse to your tip particularly when their senior see. Best time to give a tip is after meals. You can shake hands with the waiter while slipping money in their hand.

  1. Make Sure Amount of Money is Exact

    Tipping in Bali Resort

The most important thing to remember when giving a tip is to make sure the amount is exact as you want to give. It’s unethical to tip with big money and ask some changes again. Or, you can use your change of the bill for tip to the waiter.

Okay, that’s a guide about tipping waiters in Bali. Hope it’s useful!