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3 Important Things to Know about Mount Batur Trekking Attire

As known, Mount Batur has cold temperature on the peak which it is approximately 10 – 20 degrees centigrade.

The temperature requires you to wear proper attire particularly when you plan to do trekking Mount Batur overnight for getting more comfortable and safe experiences.

The following are tips for attires and preparation before trekking Mount Batur.

  1. Wear Casual Clothes

    Trekking Activity on Batur Mount

When trekking Mount Batur, you are advised to wear casual clothes as t-shirt and sport long pant.

Choose clothes which are made from sweat absorbing material. Avoid wearing clothes which are made from jeans.

Because, the jeans don’t absorb sweat and have a heavier load which make your trekking become not comfortable.

  1. Prepare the Supporting Items

    The Stunning Sunrise on Batur Mount

When trekking, make sure you to prepare some supporting items such as: rain coat, mineral water, and aid kit tool.

As an example, we never know how the weather during the trekking. Sometimes, it’s rainy or sunny. Hence, you can prepare a rain coat to anticipate.

  1. Avoid Bringing Too Many Items

    Sunrise View on Batur Mount Early Morning

Although you are advised to prepare some supporting items as above. However, make sure you don’t bring too many items.

Caused, it will make you get trouble in hiking to the peak because of heavy load. Otherwise, just bring some items that you probably need to support your trekking.

By knowing attire and preparation above, you can surely have more amazing trekking experience.