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Know These Before You Go Camping on Mount Batur Overnight

Mount Batur Overnight Camping is a recommended activity for you who want to have a longer and different experience on the mount.

During the activity, you may get more stunning views of sunrise, caldera lakes, and even sunset. It is surely more amazing than trekking in the morning.

Best Time to Start

Group of Hiker at Batur

When camping, you definitely stand up tent as a place to sleep through the night. Hence, you can start to go the starting point.

Make sure you arrive before at 17.00 O’clock as day still shines. Avoid coming late because it will be dark and make you get a trouble in standing up tent.

After that, you can witness sunset that appear at the west while making bonfire to keep your warmth during the night.

Meanwhile, location of camping also faces to Batur Lake and Caldera which really impress eyes during camping.

Continue Trekking to the Peak

Sunrise Moment at Batur Mount

Beautiful sunrise view usually comes up in early morning (from 05.00 – 06.30 am). You should wake up 03.30 to tidy up the tent and continue trekking to peak.

You maybe need a jacket along route to the peak because its temperature is cold. The atmosphere in early morning is fresh, cool, and may relaxing mind.

At arrival on the peak, you can take a rest and breakfast that can be brought from the home or buy it with seller on the peak.

The seller usually offers light breakfast such as breads, boiled eggs, bananas, and hot drinks (tea or coffee).

Have a breakfast while witnessing sunrise view in early morning is the best experiences that you can get on Mount Batur.

Don’t forget to remember a camera so that you can capture all beautiful moments on the peak.