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Marigold Flower Garden, The Instagenic Spot You Must Visit in Bali

Besides white sandy beaches, Bali Island also has many interesting destinations with stunning sceneries as one of the most popular nowadays is marigold flower garden - an instagenic spot in Plaga Village.

The flower garden is highly recommended to visit for those of you who want a holiday with a calm and stunning place for photograph.

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Plaga Marigold Flower Garden

Woman Posing in Flower Marigold Garden

Plaga village is a highland over 700 meters above sea level, in the northern region of Badung Regency. Its area is dominated by lush plantations of vegetables, fruits, vegetables, and including Marigold flowers.

Marigold flowers are often used as materials for making ritual ceremony equipment, such as Canang (traditional offerings like a small tray with colourful flowers and slices of Pandan Leaves on the top). That’s why the villages prefer to plant the Marigold Flower.

Beautiful Flower Garden of 20 Acres

Balinese Woman Carrying Basket - instagram/mrloverlava

The Marigold Garden in Plaga Village has an area of 20 acres owned by the local farmers. In fact, it is only a garden not opened for the tourists.

However, beauty of orange marigold scenery attract many peoples to come and take advantage of the scenery as for photography background. The photos with marigold background shared on Internet make more many peoples to visit.

Marigold Flowers in Plaga Village - instagram/juliocrazclr

The farmers are friendly and the visitors may take photos in the garden as long as they ask permission and don’t damage the flower garden or littered.

Instagenic Spot for Low Budget

Orange Marigold Flower in Bali - instagram/inoviaayu

Every visitor who want to take pictures in the marigold garden, will be only charged at IDR 5.000. It is really cheap for the amazing background view. Specifically for the pre-wedding photography probably will be charged at more cost.

The visitors are usually dominated by the woman, where they usually stand and pose in the middle of orange marigold flowers with green leaves that adds into catchy view.

When visiting the marigold garden, you are expected not to do the break the garden as examples are picking up the flower without permission, stepping on plants, and littering.